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Full text of "Minutes of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod and Ministerium of North Carolina : convened at Newton, Catawba County, N.C., April 29th, 1853"

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<3SK^ ^ym. 

Ji:; 1 



dbintgelicHl ' f utljcran Sjiloij 

AND ^ 

sa I ii i y^ c a 34 1 # m. 


lt0rtlj f aralina. % 

Convened at ?T, ir^nn, C"U.\in'^)a County, N. C.y 
April 20fh, 1$M. 

SALISDITRY: <^^^^ '^^' 



^^ %^J.^' ar ^A 



tftangclical iiHt|crau Spni 




llortlj QEarnlina. 

Con/vened at NewtoTiy Caiawbcb County^ N. O.y 
April 29th, 185S. 




(Pffiffrs of ^\)no^ : 

Rev. JOSEPH A. LIXX, President, 
" L. C. GROSECLOSE, Bee. Sec. 
" S. SCHERER, Cor. Sec. 

M. BARRIER, Esq., Treasurer. 

(Dffiffrs of tl)f iBissioimrsj ^urifti) 

I'iEV. JACOB CRDI, President. 

" J. D. SCIIECK, Vice President. 

" J. S. IIEILIO, Secretary. 
Mr.D. M. ISENHOUR, Treasurer. 


MUnillf E§ 

I\ CONFORMITY witli tliG 20tli rcsolutioii adopted last Synod, tlio Ev. 
Lutheran Synod of North Carolina convened at Xewton, Catawl»a 
County, N. C, on Friday, April 29tli, 1853. 

At 10 o'clock A. M. the President preached the Synodical sermon 
from Luke xvi. chap, and 31st verse. 

Immediately after sermon the members of Synod were called to order 
by singing and prayer by the President. The Secretary called the roll 
and the folloAving were named as composing the Svnod. 




" \VM. ARTZ, 





" J. A. LINN, 





Concord, Cabarrus county, N. C 
HoWs Store, Alamance couniy 
Rockville, Rowan county, 
Statesville, Iredell county, 
Concord, Cabarrus county, 
Jerusalem, Davie county 
Gold Hill, Roican county, 
Lexington Davidson county, 
Brmnmells, Davidson county, 
Salisbury, Rowan county, 


Rev. J. GRIESON.t 
" A. GRIMES.t 
" J. S. HEILIG. 

Clapp's, Guilford county, N. C. 
Hay Meadows, Wilkscouaty, " 

Absent, but aftt-Twsirds appeared. tAbsent, and from whom notlung was heard. 



Mr. ALEX. BLACKWELDER, From Rer. J. D. Scherk's charge, 

- FETER TRE.KLER, " " -S. Rutlnock's 

" " Wm. Artz's, " 

- JAMES SCOTT, •• Win, G. Harter'g, " 
*^ JOSEPH SHIVE, • J. Crimes, 

" GEO. RENDLEMAN, Ebq. • - J. A. Linn's 

'- (ilDEON SINK, •• '• /.. C. Groseclose'8 " 

'• JOHN SHARP, '• •• J. Swicrrrood's 

" HENRY IJARRINGER, • •• 5. Schcrer's 

"DANIEL M. LSENHOUR, " '^ J. S. Heilig's. 

On motion, Mr. Jolm Smithdoal was reoeivod as comraissroncr from 
Si. Panrs churcb, Iredell County. 

On Motion, Jonas Bost, Esq., was received as oomrais-sioner from 
tiic conc^regation at Newton. 

Tlie President read liis report which was accepted. Synod went into 
•Ml ihction for officers. After numerous ballotini^, on motion business 
was suspended till li- o'clock. At tlie appointed hour tlie business of 
the previous sitting was resumed and after several more ballotings the 
following were announced as officers for the ensuing year : 

Kev. JOSEril A. UNX, President. 
" L. C. GRf)SECLOSE, Rcc. Sec. 
" S. SCIIEREIL, Cur. Sec. 
M. BARRIER, Esq., Treasurer.. 

V. E. Dufford, delegate from the S. C. Synod, was introduced to 
Synod and invited to a seat as an advisory member. 

On motion, the minutes of last Synod v..t. r.-f.-rr.'.! t-^ t]\r- Committee 
on Unfinished Business. 

All letters, jKipors, it'c, intended for Synod being called for, were now 
handc<l in, read, and numbered. 

Notice w.'is o-iv<'n that an explanation of See. .'3. of c.liap. ?>, of the 
Constitution: and also of Si-e. 3, of Chap. G, of the Formula of Disci- 
p'ine, would be :usked. 

<')n motion, the letters tl'c, were taken u]> and di>pi>sed of in numerical 

Vo. 1. Is a I'tt'-r from the council of St. John's, Sal isburv. in relation 


to a pecuniary difficulty between riiem and Rev. J. D. Sclieck. lu 
reference to the abo\e, it was 

Resolved, I. That a Committee of five be nppoint(Ml to meet i[i 
SaHsbury on Friday before the 4'h Sal>l)ath in July next, then and there 
to investiij^ate tlie complaint of the Church Council of iSt. John's, and 
report the same to the next meeting of Synod. Commiitck : J. II. 
Thompson, Escp, C. Melcher, Es(|., Jeremiaii i)arrinLC<'r, Msi|., William 
Walton, Esq., and Jacob File, Es(|. 

No. 2. Is a petition from Mt. Carrael congregation, Cabarrus County, 
pr<iying to be received into connection with this Synod. It being as- 
certained that said petitioners have complied with the CoiLstitutioual 
requisitions, it was 

Besolvcd, II. That the request of the petitioners be granted. 

No. 3. Is a petition from Bethel cliurch, Stanly County, praying this 
Synod to hold its next annual Convention in said church. 

On motion the petition was laid over until the time for the selection 
of a place for the next meeting of Synod. 

No. 4. Is the appeal of Mr. Joseph A. Fink from the decision of tfte 
Church Council of St. James, Concord, Cabarrus County. 

On motion, it was laid over until to-morrow morning. 

No. 5. Contains sundry charges against Rev. W^. G. Ilarter. 

On motion it was also deferred till to-morrow. 

The following committees were appointed by the President. 

Committee on the Prcsldenfs Report. — Revs. Rothrock, Scher*^r, 
Mr. A. Blackwelder. 

Committee on Petitions and Vacancies. — Rev. J. Crin 
Sink, and P. Trexler. 

Committee on Finnuce. — Rev. W". G. Ilarter, Messrs. Isenhour, 
and Shive. 

Committee on the State of Relief ion. — Revs. Artz, Scheck, and Swic4v- 

Committee on Unfinished Business. — Rev. Arey, Messrs. Ren- 
dleman, and H. Barringer. 

On motion, Synod adjourned until to-morrow 8 o'clock, A. ^I. Closed 
with prayer by Bro. Crim. 

Bro. Ileilig preached at night from the lxviii. Psalm and 19 vers^j. 



Satunlny, 8^ o'clock, A. M. 

Synotl uas opened ^vitll sinonnnf and prayer by the Secretary. 

Tlie roll was called 

On motion, tlie minutes oi tiK- previous session were read and con- 
fimied. After liearini? and deliberating all day npon the appeal fi'oni 
the Church Cunneil of St. James, the subject was laid over and made 
the order of the day for Monday. Bro. Scherer preached at eleven 
o'clock from Acts xxiv. chap, and 16 vei-se ; and Bro. Crim at night 
from Matthew xix. chap, and 20 verse. 


A prayer meeting Avas conducted in the church by the Secretaiy at 
{) o'clock, after which Bro. Rothrock preached a Sermon from James 
1. chap. an<l 25 verso. The exercises preparatory to the celebration of 
rlic Lcjrd's Su])per were attended toby the President, after which a re- 
sj.ectabh' number communed, including members of Synod and 
'^ fflftians of dilTerent denominations. 

Ar 3 o'clock ]3ro. Scheck j)reached the Missionary sermon from 
Kojnaiis I. chap, and IG verse, at the close of which a liberal collection 
was received in behalf of our Synodical Missionary Society. Bro. 
Dutford preached in the Court House at candle light to a large and at- 
tentive au<lience — Text Rev. ii. chap, and 4, 5, verses. Thus ended the 
exercises of the Sabbath, much it is hoped to the edification of chris- 
tians and the glory of the (rreat Head of the church. The Lord smile 
upon that, part of his vineyard. 


Monday Morninnr 8 o'clock, A. ^r. 

The Svnotl apfain mot in ooniinittec of the ^vllole ; tlic exorcises 
opened by an address to a throne of c^raee ; the roll heino; called, the 
committee resumed business. The decision of the committee haviuo- 
been lioard, Bro. Ilarter asked for a new trial in behalf of the Church 
Council. After hearing his reasons the following preamble and resolu- 
tion were adopted : 

Whereas, An a}»peal from the decision of the Church Council in tlic 
case of Rev. W. G. Ilarter and J. A. Fink was brought up to this Syn- 
od, which decision was reviewed and revei'sed by the Synod in com- 
mittee of the whole, and, for reasons whicli liave been respectfully set 
forth to this Synod by Rev. W. G. Harter, showing and declaring the 
grounds of his dissent from said reversion by the committee, and praying 
and petitioning this Synod for a new hearing and trial in the case ; 

Besolved, III. That a new trial be granted before the Church Coun- 
cil of St. James' church. Concord. Bro. Arey preached at 11 o'clock, 
from Ex. xv. chap, and 15. verse, latter clause. 

Xo. 5. Containing charges against W. G. Ilarter was taken up and 
investigated. Item 1. is a charge of injustice in the case of Mr. John 
Berly and Rev. P. A. Strobel. After a patient hearing and due delib- 
eration the following was adopted : 

In view of the lenoth of time since the transaction referred to ; and 
in \\ew of the cu'cumstances under which the charge is now preferred, 

Resolved^ IV. That the charge in item 1. against AV. G. Ilarter, l)o 
not sustained. 

Having disposed of the above the committee took up item 2, of Xo. 5. 
The testimony having been heard on both sides, the following decision 
was given : 

Resolved^ V. That in view of the length of time since the unfortu- 
nate circumstance alluded to in the charge has transpired, and was 
known to many, and yet no presentation of it was made to this body ; 
and in Wew of the circumstances under which it is now brought up — 

Resolved^ VI. That the charge in item 2, against Rev. W. G. Ilarter, 
be not sustained. 

Bro. Swicegood preached at night from Rev. xiv. chap, and 1 — 3. 



Tuesday, 7^ o'clock, A. M, 

Byjjod va« opened witli siugiii^ and prayer by Bro. Rothrock. 

The roll uaa called. 

Mr. Henry Troutmazi w;i3 introduced as commLssioner from St. 
Michael's church, Iredell county, and invited to a scat amongst us as an 
advisory member. ^ 


No. 1. I? the report of the Director of the Theological Seminary at Lexiug- 
t-on, S. C, and also his report as Dole^^ate to the S. C. Synod. 

Yonr Director met with the Board in November last at S. Marks Chnrch, 
Edjrefield District, S. C, and by them was received cordially, and permitted a 
participation freely in their deUberations. The Secretary presented an interest- 
ing report, showing the Theological Seminary, as also the Clasical Institution, 
to bo in a prosperous condition. The number of students reported by Professor 
Berley is 21, and a capital of §i?2,000. During my visit I had the pleasure to wit- 
ness the Inauguration of the Rev. L. Eichclberger, Prof, elect of the Theologi- 
cal Seminary, who immediately after delivered an able address on the necessary 
qualifications for the gospel ministry. 

The Convention held at Concord in the monthof July last, in accordance with 
a recomm'.'ndation of this Synod, made it the duty of your Director to solicit 
the co-operation of the Board of Directors in support of our Literary Institution. 
For want of time this subject was not presented for the consideration of the 
Board; but, acting as I did in the capacity of corresponding Delegate, as well 
as that of Director, I brought it to the notice of Synod, whereupon the follow- 
lowing rej>ort was adopted : 

Whereas, The Rev. John D. Schcck, Delegate from the N. C. S>mod to this 
this Synod, has brought to the notice of ilu.s body the design of the N. C. Sy- 
nod to establish a Classical Institution in N. C, and solicited the co-operation of 
this body in its behalf, your Committee, appointed to take this subject under 
c^msidoration, beg leave to present the following: 

That, As the cause of education is all-important in promoting an enlightened 
rhristianity and the advancement of the best interests of the Redeemer's king- 
dom, and never more bo than at the present time ; your committee have learned 
with lively satisfaction that their brethren of the N. C. Synod feel encouraged 
to ongagc in the establishment of an Institution, which may secure to this 
church within the bounds of said Synod, the advantage it is intended to confer. 
Whilst your committee are aware of the general diflkuUies connected with the 
eatablisbment of.^n Inititution of learning, however much needed, they hope 




that in the present case, these dilTiculties will not be such as to discouragi? them 
in the ent.Tpnse in which ihc-y are ab.)ut to en;^ii:.':o. They are pleaned to learn 
that the circumstancs in the present ease an; sui^h as to give the liope of en- 
couraging SUCC015S, thcroiore : 

1. Rc'iolved, That in the estabi:>;hnient of a Clasical Institution by the Synods 
of N. C, that body Iius the best wi^his of this Synod for its success. 

2. Resolved, That in view of tlie obliirations resting on this body, in sustain- 
Uig tlw? institution already depending on its support, tliis Synod regrets its inabil- 
ity to do more than express the clnistian sympathy and good wishes of this body 
in iis bclialf. 

3. Resolved, That should such an Institution be established, we hope it may 

tend to preserve and strengthen the bond of union which should characterize 

the relation existing between us. JOHN BACMMAN, 

E. B. HORT, 

On the first day of the meeting of Synod, the President kindly consented to 
call a meeting of the Ministerium, to whom I referred the case of B. N. Hopkins, 
a suspended member of this Synod. It is well known that the said Hopkins 
was suspended, by a committee appointed by the President of this body, for 
gross immorality, and that after his suspension he continued to preach in certain 
churches within our bounds, setting at defiance the authority of this Sy- 
nod, and claiming to act under a pretended license granted him by the Synod of 
South Carolina. 

The report of the committee, consisting of Dr. Bachman and Prof. Berley, 
and unanimously adopted by the Ministerium, will present this humiliating sub- 
ject in its true aspect before the church and the world. 

Whereas, The INIinisterium of the Ev. Luth. Synod of S. C, and the adjacent 
States, in accordance with the constitution of tlio Theological Seminary, under 
the control of the church, are in the habit of granting continued license to the 
graduates of said Institution — And whereas, B. N. Hopkins, having been con- 
nected with the Theological Seminary at Lexington S. C, and, on leaving said 
Institution, had received from this Ministerium such continued license, removed 
within the bounds of the Synod cf N. C, and, on the grounds of his graduating 
testimonials, was received as a member of that Synod ; therefore, 

1. Resolved, That we consider him amenable to the Ev. Luth. Synod of N. 
C. for every act. ministerial and moral. 

2. Resolved, That whenever a stud'jnt who has received license frcm us, con- 
nects himself with another Synod, he has no further connection with us. 

3. Resolved, Therefore, that we, as a Ministerium, regard the action of the 
Ev. Luth. Ministerium of N. C. in the case of B. N. Hopkins, as final. 

4. Resolved, That our understandingof a continued license, is, contiuance du- 
ring ils proper miaiBtfrial conduct. Respectfully submitted, 



In coucliipion, it affords iis much pleasure lo say, that with the brethren of 
the S. C. Svnod, the past year was one of unparalleled, success. God most 
jrraciously visited and redeemed his people ; as the fruits of their revival season, 
hundreds were added to their churches, of such, we trust, as shall be saved. — 
Rev. E. Dufford was appointed the Delegate to this Synod — whom we are hap- 
py to see in our midst. My travelling expenses amounted to .s7,50. 

Adopted. J. D. SCHECK, 

Director and Delegate. 

Jiesob'cd, VII. That the Treasurer of Synod be authorized to pay 
liev. J. D. Scheck, the .sum of 8" 50, his expense as delegate to the 
Synod of S. C. 

JVo. 2. Report of Treasurer of Sf/nod. 
Refen-ed to the Committee on Finance. 

lleiwrt No. 3. 

The committee appointed last Synod to settle with Col. J. M. Smith, reported 
that they had attended to the duty assigned them. 


J. D. SCHECK, S <^°"^"^^"^"- 

No report having been received from the Treasurer of the Centenary 
Fund, it was, 

Resolved^ VIII. Tliat a committee of two be appointed to audit 
the account of the Treasurer of Centenary Fund and report to the next 

Comm'itlee. — J, D. Scheck and D. M. Isenhour. 

Tlie bahince of interest collected by the Secretary was paid to the 
above committee to be by them paid into the hands of the Treasurer 
of Centenary Fund. 

Xo. 4. Report of tJie Com. on the Presidents Report. 

Thf committee to whom was referred the President's Report, beg leave to pre- 
sent tlu' following : 

1. The Syn«)d will he pleased to hear the report of the committee which, by 
appointment of President, met in Concord in last July, to investigate the charge 
of immorality and impurity against B. N. Hopkins. 

2. The committee are plea.sed t(» learn that eliorts are being made for the es- 
tablishment of a literary sehool in connection with this body. Synod will be 
pleased to h<'ar what progress has been made towards the establishment of said 

J. The Ci»mmmittee would bring to the notice of Synod that part of the re- 




p<irt which relates to the appointment of special arrents, to obtain Bubscriptions 
and donations in aid of said sch<K)ls, as well as the sale of schoUirships. 

4. In relation to the recommendation of the President in reference to the a- 
mendment of the Constitntion, yonr committee proiX)So the following: 

Resolved, That Section 7th of Chapter 11th, which was adopted last year, 
be stricken out ; and that section 7th cluipter 1 Itli, as found in the printed Con- 
stitution of 184G, be reinstated ; and also that the words, " And his license shall 
be reprarded as valid;" in section Mth of chapter 3d, be stricken out. 

5. Your Committee recommend that the President's Report, be printed with 
our minutes. 

Ad..ptod. Respectfully submitted, .S. ROTHROCK, 


On motion, tlie rresidcnt's Keport was ordered to be printed with tlio 
minutes of Synod. 

The tblh^wino- report etc., were read and adopted by Synod, upon tho 
sujTwstions made by tlie above committee : — 

1. The report of the Secretary of the July Convention in reference 
to the estabhshment of a Literary Institution in our midst, was read, 
received and adopted. 

2. The plan of said Institution adopted by said Convention -v^s 
read, approved and adopted. 

3. The Constitution of the Board of Directors of Western Carolina 
Academy, was read, and on motion, it was considered by Articles. 

On motion, Synod adjourned till 14- o'clock, P. M. 
Closed with prayer by the President. 



Tuesday, 1} o'clock, p. M. 

Synod was opened with prayer by Bro. Ileilig. 

Ilev. J, Crawford, of the German ]{eformed Church, havinir coitie 
into our midst, Avas, on motion, invited to a seat amongst us, as an ad- 
visory member. 

The business suspended by thtj adjournment of Synod was uow jro- 
sumed. On motion, the Constitution of Western Carolina Academy, 
a.s now amended, was adopted as a whole. 



Item 1. of the above committee referriiiG: to the appointment of spe- 
cial agents to collect funds for the Institution, was on motion referred 
to the Ijc >ri of Dir^'ctors. 

Ko. 5. Ri'port of Committee on Petitions and Vacancies. 

Your ci mmittoe on Potitior.s and Vacancies beg leave to report— 
•YThat though no authentic documents, have been submitted to them, yet to 
their own know Iidije tliern is a number of congregations within our bounds which 
we recommend to the prayerful consideration of this body. 

let. We learn from report that the congregations, formerly under the care of 
Bro. Artz, may be considered vacant, except one. This has ever been regarded 
us a very irteresting section of our church, and it is desirable that it receive 
your st-rious attention. 

2. St. Paul's and St. Michael's churches in Iredell County: These churches 
have for some time been vacant. They have heretofore been regarded as con- 
stituting Bro. Arey's charge, but owing to some difRcuties which have arisen 
between him and them, their connection has been dissolved. Your attention is 
likewise dii ectt-d to the Missionary station, lying contiguous to this charge, known 
as the Mineral Spring, which has, during the last four or five years, been occu- 
pied by J. Crim, but as it is impossiblle for him, with hispresent charge to dojus- 
tjce tartt, It is earnestly recommended to your consideAtion. , 
"p^ The congregation at Newton, Catawba county, is also vacant. It is like- 
wise a wry interesting portion of our church ; and from a consideration of the 
melancholy c ire nrr; stances connected with this place, we would heartily recom- 
mend it to your prayerful attention. 'v 

Adopted. Respectfully submitted, - 


"Iti reference to the 1st item of the above report, the following was 
passt'd : 

licsolved, IX. That it be recommended to the Ev. Lutheran con- 
gregations, in connection with this Synod, in Guilford, Alamance, and 
Randolpli counties, or their representatives, to meet togethei* for the pur- 
j)0se of <leliberatiiig upon their present deranged condition, and for de- 
vising such means to supfJy themselves with a pastor or pastors, as shall 
Ije sati.sfactory to themselveg. 

With regard to the 2(1 item, the following was adopted : 
Wltercas^ The destitute and distracted state of St. Michael's and 
St. Paurb churches has come to the notice of this Synod ; and, where- 
as, repeated efforts lia\e been made to effect a reconciliation but witli- 
out success ; therefore, 



Resolved, X. That it be rccommMKled to the cluirchos above- 
named, to observe the Tluirsday before the 5th Sabbath in May, as a 
day of luimiliation and prayer, seekincf the direction of the Holy 
Spirit in the choice of a pastor ; and tliat the congregation assemble at 
St. Michael's church. 

Resolved^ Xf. That there be a protracted meeting hold at Lau's 
church in Guilford county, to commence on Fiiday before the 5th 
Sabbath in July next; and another at Friedi-n's church, Guilford county, 
to commence on Thursday before the 1st Sabbath in August next; and 
that Rev. brothers Scheck, Ileilig, Schercr, Grim and Swicegood be re- 
que.sted to attend said meeting. 

Resolved, XII. That the congregation at Newton, Gatawba county, bo 
recommended to the very special attention of the Ex. Gom. of the Miss. 
&, Ed. Society. 

In reference to Mineral Spring it was, on motion, recommended that 
Bro. Arey visit them and preach for them, provided such arrangements 
can be made as shall bo mutually satisftxctory to both him and tuem. 

jVo. (>. He^ort of the Committee on TTnfinished Jjusiness. 

Itf-m 1. refers to committee on I^iturj]^. No report. Committee discharged. 
ItLiii 2. Inquiry as to whether the Delegate to W. Va. Synod attended to his 
duty. Neither he nor his alternate attended. Both were excused for reasons 
satisfactory to Synod. 

Adi»ptcd. Respectfully submitted, B. AREY, 



















11 i 

: ■: : 

: j; ; 

: !: : 




























?? c 





iL... .•{. 

-i. «i 




■■ *, ■'. - 






" WM. fr. IIAKTEK 

" J. CUIM 






2 . ; ; .S . . 



" J. A. LINN 


2i" 21; '-'15 

1 12 4 S 1 1 









41 [ 229 




aO 2(51 7 


4 4 11 iKi 


No. 7. Is a document containinsT tlio Constitution of the Theological 
ScDiinarj^ at Lexington, S. C. <Jn motion it was referred to a commit- 
tee of three. 

Xo. 8. Report of Financial Committee. 

Ko. 1. BejmH of the Treasurer of Synod. 

The Treapurcr of the Ev. Luth. Synod of N. C, would rcBpectfiilly report as 

follows: To balance due Synod last year $ 88J 

" ContribulioUB last Synod ^C2 52:^ 

Whole amount 8(53 42 

Paid to J. J. Bruncr, as per order of Secretary, for printin"^ minutes ,$42 00 

To balance due Synod 8^1 *^2 

RcBpectfuliy submitted, 


Heiiort of the Treasurer of Seminary Fund. 

Your Treasurer of Seminary Fund begs leave to report as follows : Moses 
Barrier in account with the Ev. Lutheran Synod of North Carolina, to wit : 

To 1 note due April 15th 1852 S500 00 

Interest on the above to April loth 1853 - - - - $30 00 

To 1 note due April 15, 1852 $294 00 

Interest on the above to April 15th 1853 - - - - $17 G4 

To 1 note due April 15th 1852 >;137 00 

Interest on the above to April 15th 1853 .... §8 22 

To 1 note due April 15th 1852 SI 07 50 

Principal, - - §;1038 50 
Interest on the above to April 15th, 1853, $6 75 

Total Interest, $G2 31 

Respectfully submitted, MOSES BARRIER, Treasurer. 


Jlvv. J. D. Scheclcs Churches. 

St. John's churcli !ji;8 00 

Lutlicr's Clia])cl 3 00— $11 00 


Brouo:lit forward $11 00 

liev. WiUiam G. ITartcva Churches. 

St. James' elmrcli ----- U 00 

IVthel " ----- 2 00 

Mt. Caniicl " 1 15 

Luther's " 1 27^$8 42^ 

lit v. S. Bothrock^s Churches. 
OriT^aii church - - - - - - 88 00 

St. Stephens" ... - - 200—81000 

Ilcv. L. C. Grosecloseh Churches. 

Pilpfriin church - - -" - - 81 V5 

Andrew Sink 50 

Frederick Town " 1 C6i- 

Beck's " 85 

Sandy Creek " 2 10 

J. II. Thompson .... - 50 

Contribution ... - - 25 — 8*7 Gl;^ 

Bev. J. S. IleUig-s Churches. 

St. Enoch's clnirch 83 00 

Salem " 1 10—84 10 

Bev. J. A. Limits Churches. 
St. Paul's Church ----- 82 50 
St. Matthew's ------- 3 50— 8G 00 

Bev. J. Crhi'iS Churches. 

Franklin Church - - - - 8I 00 
St. Matthew's ".-.-- 47^ 

Jerusalem " - . - . 7o 

Mineral Spring " 50—82 67^ 

Bev. J. SuncegoofTs Churches. 
Nazareth Church . - - - . 8I 00 

Hopewell " . - . - - - 1 00 
Shiloah " 50—2 50 

852 3U 

16 MmUTKS OF SY>"Or). 

Brougiit forward ^2 31^ 

JieiK S. Si.'herer'^s ClvufcK. 

Union Church $2 37.^—2 37rV 

Rev. ^Ym. Ariz' Church. 

Zion Church 60 50— $0 60 

Newton per J. Bost I'::sq. . - . . $t. 20— $8 20 

St. John's Church, Salisbury .... $^\ 50—^1 50 

*Total, f:64 88j 
Balance from Last ycar^ 214 2 

Total, . . - _ $83 30J 

Your Financial committpc beg leave to report that they have examined the 
Treasurer's reports and find tlum correct ; also that they have received, counted 
iind paid into t!ic hands of Treasurer of Synod the above contributions, and taken 
his f)ond for the same. 

Adopted. Respectfully submitted, W. G. HARTER, 

On motion, it was ordered that tlie interest on Seminary Fund, amount- 
ing to $G2 3 lets, be paid into the hands of B.o. Dulibrd, tobeby him 
pnid into the handsof theTre;iSurerof the Seininary, at Lexino^ton, S. C. 
On motion, Synod adjourned to meet to-morrow at 8 o'clock, A. M. 
Cla'sed with prayer by Bro. Scherer. Tho Secretary preaclied at 
night from I'ln!. i chap, and 21 vcnie. 


WediK^sday, 8 o'clock, A. M. 
Synod opened with prayer by tlu^ PrLsidciit. The rol! was call-.d. 
The minutes of the previous day were read and confiimed- 
Conun'dUe No 7. noiii re])oHed. 

The coininittce to wliom was rcfencd the amended constitution of the Class- 

« There i.s an error of %\ 'o\)i cents iuttlie report of the Financial Committee which standa 
Jirectcd above • ikcrehiry. 


ical and Theological Seminary of the Ev. Lutheran SyiKxl of South Carolina 
and adjucfiit States, proseut the following: That they have examined eaid 
amendi'd C'onstitiition and learn that all rt-lations hitherto existing between that 
Synod and this, on the subject of said Institution, shall remain as they have 
been, according to the existing agreement between the two Synods. Your 
committee therefore, recunmiend said amended Constitution to the approval of 
this body. 
Adopted. Respectfully submitted, S. ROTH ROCK, Chair. Com. 

On motion, the anonymous letter received by the President, was laid 
on the table. 

]Vo. 0. Eepvrt of tJie Commiitee on tlic state of lieUgiort. 

Your committee on the state of Religion, would submit the following very 
brief and imperfect report. The state of religion within the bounds of the Sy- 
nod of North Carolina, particularly in some portions, has been prosperous during 
the past year. Interesting revivals have taken place m some parts, particularly 
in Davidson County. In this section of the church there is a very interesting 
state of things; the Lutheran Observer is circulated, and prayer meetings are 
well attended. In general, the ministers and members are actively engaged in the 
Master's service. There is a growing interest in the Tract, Bible, Missionary, Edu- 
cation and Temperance cause ; and particularly your Committee rejoice to sea 
that the Synod has undertaken to establish in the most populous part of her 
territory an Academy, for the intellectual and religious training and education of 
her youth. And your Committee regard it as an evidence of the growing intelli- 
gence and piety of our people ; that much has already been done towards ellect- 
ing this object. May they go on ; and we bid the Synod, and we bid the pe^ 
pie, God speed in this noble enterprise. 

Adopted. RespectruUy submitted, 


Bro. Crawford, of the G. R. Church, being about to leave, aeked permission 
to make some remarks, which being granted, he spoke of the relation of the 
Reform and Lutheran churches in N. C. and the duty of co-operating, as far a» 
practicable, amongst the German population. lie then spoke of their Bchoo(|( 
located at Newton, and congratulated us in the success which we have so i>vt- 
met with in the eetablisliment of a similar Institution. He also adverted io thp 
deplorable state of their church, caused by the leaven of Ntvaiism by which 
the majority of the ministry have beconjc infected, and the probability of thia 
Classis asking for a "corner in the Luliieran Observer" in which to defend 
themselves agauist Ncvanism. . Hid remarks were well received by this body. 


JS^o. 10. Report of the Cowesponding Secretary, 

Document No. 1. Is a copy of the Minutes of the Ev. Luth. Synod of wes- 
tern Virginia. This Synod convened at Copp's Church, Bottetourt county, on 
Thursday, Sept. 2d, 1852. It numbers seven ordained and three licensed min- 
isters. Its officers are, Rev. E. Hawkins. President, and Rev. J. A. Brown, Sec. 
They report 33 Cong. 180 Bap. and 248 Conf. This Synod seems to be active- 
ly engaged in the work of the Lord. Rev. J. Scherer was appointed correspond- 
ing Delegate to this Synod and Rev. S. SchaefFer his alternate. 

Document No. 2. Is a copy of the Minutes of the Synod of the South West. 
This Synod held its sixth annual session at Zion Church, Jackson county, 111.^ 
Sept. 25th, 1852. It numbers thirteen ministers. Its officers are. Rev. J. Krack^ 
President, and Rev. W. Jenkins, Secretary. They report 24 Cong., 217 Bap., and 
207 Conf. These brethren manifest commenable zeal in the spread of Evan- 
gelical piety. With them the har\-est truly is great and the laborers few. 

Document No. 3. Contains the proceedings of the sixth annual convention of 
the Wittenberg Synod. This body met at Plymouth Ohio, Sept. 2d, 1852. — 
They report twenty ordained and nine licensed ministers. The officers are 
Rev. J. Livengood, President, and Rev. S. Fenner, Secretary. They report 46 
Cong., 138 Bap., and 1740 Com. These brethren are actively engaged in pro- 
moting the interests of our beloved Zion by sustaining the various benevolent 
institutions of the church and the age. 

Document No. 4. Is a copy of the Minutes of the Synod of Virginia. This 
Synod held its thirty-third annual convention at Mt. Tabor Church, Augusta 
county, Oct. 8th, 1852. It numbers 23 ordained, and 2 licensed ministers. Its 
officers are, A. P. Ludden, President, and Rev. X. J. Richardson, Sec'r)-. They 
report 41 Cong., 106 Bap., and 1645 Com. These brethren are actively engaged 
in the benevolent operations of this progressive age. 

Dbcument No. 5. Are the Minutes of the Synod of S. C. This body met at 
St. Marks church, Edgefield District, Nov. 12th, 1852. It numbers 32 ordained 
and 11 licensed ministers. They report 46 Cong., 502 Bap., 692 Conf., and 3,326 
Com. They also report the death of four ministers during the last Synodical 
year. These brethren are prosecuting with vigor the interests of the Masters 
Kingdom committed to them. 

Document No. 6. Contains the proceedings of the 28th annual convention of 
the Synod of West Pennsylvania. It convened in Mechanicsburg, Penn., on 
the 30th of Sept., 1852. It numbers 41 ordained and 7 licensed ministers. Its 
officers are. Rev. J. N. Hoffman, President, and Rev. B. Sadtlcr, Sec'ry. They 
re|)ort 131 Cong. 1659 Bap. 1012 Conf and 14,628 communicants. This Synod 
has a large field to cultivate, and they seem to be energetically prosecuting tha 
great work unto which they have been called. 

The foregoing in all we deemed necessary to extract from the Minutes of sis- 
ter SynodH. 

Respectfully submitted, L. C. GROSECLOSE, 

Adopted. Cor. S&c. 

MINUTES OF Sw>uxJ. 10 

N. B. Tlie Miiiutos of the Maryland Synod were handed to me after Synod 
was in session, UjK)n which I had not time to report. Secretary. 

Mr. Moses llinier was ro-olccted Treasurer of tlie Seminary Fuud. 
On motion, Synod adjourned till U- o'clock, 1\ M. 


Synod was opened with prayer by the Secretary. The roll was called, 
after which Synod proceeded to business. 

Bcsolved^ XIV. That, ever hereafter this Synod devote half an hour, 
each morning before the commencement of business, in prayer, for the 
especial influence and guidance of the Holy Sjirit in all our delibera- 
tions, and for the exercise of all due fraternal love and fellowship. 

Resolved^ XV. That, ever hereafter, the President shall privately ex- 
amine all sealed documents presented to this Synod, and shall state, by 
giving an intimation of their contents, whether said documents should 
be read in open Synod. 

Resolved^ XVI. That when this Synod adjourns, it stand adjourned 
to meet again on Friday before the 1st Sunday in May 1854, at 10 
o'clock A. M. 

Bro. Scheck presented to Synod a plan for the Seini- Centennial Cel- 
ebration of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of North Carolina. 

On motion the plan was taken up by items, and finally adopted as a 

Whereas^ The Great Head of the clutrch has been graciously pleased 
to sustain and prosper the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of North Caro- 
lina during X\iQ\^^i forty-nine years; and, whereas, a period is now ap- 
proaching in the histoiy of said Synod, when it will be most becoming 
in all its members and friends, to pause and review the past dealings of 
God with it, to take counsel together, unite our vigor and zeal, that it 
may the more eftectually accomplish the important mission with which 
it is entrusted ; 

[On the 18th of October last, this Synod entered upon its forty-ninfh 
year, having been organized on the 17th of Oct., 1803, in the town of 
Lincolnton, N. C. — five ministers being present.] 

And as a Synod we would not fulfill our own sense of duty, nor do ju« 


tice to -syhiat, wc are ai=sured, is the feelinnr of a large number of the 
meinbeis of our communion, if we did not devise some means by wliich, 
an event so full of interest, may be profitably and devoutly celebrated ; 

EcsolvciJ, I. That a Scmi-Centenr.ry celebration be observed in all 
the ehuiehcs in connection with this Synod, — to commence on the 1 7th 
of C)ct()l>er next ensuinir, and terminate on the the hist Sabbath in 
April, 1834. 

Hesolvcd, II. That the day on which this celebration is to commence, 
be set aj>art as a special season of thanksQ^iving for the distinguished 
favors of God to our churches in North Carolina ; and that an appro- 
priate sermon be delivered on that day by each minister, in connection 
with this body, having a charge. 

Rcsolccd, III. That all the chun.-hcs in connection with this Synod 
be earnestly solicited for donations and subscriptions in aid of our Lit- 
erary Instiiution, and our Education and Missionary operations, — as ev- 
idence of their giatitude to iho Lord Jesus Christ, for his unspeakable 
love and mercy to us, as a branch of his kingdom on earth. 

licaolvedj IV. That all persons contributing, may specity the object 
to which their donations shall be applied. 

Resolved, V. That the President appoint a member of this body, 
whose du'y it shall be, to pn pare and deliver at our next annual con- 
ventirn an historical sc-rmon, — detailing the most important events em- 
braced in our history ; and that said sermon be delivered on Sabbath 

On motion, the election of a Board of Directors for Western Carolina 
Aea lemy was now entered inio. The following were elected, and the 
term of office defined as follows : 

llcv. S. Kothrock and J. D. Scheck, and Messrs. C. Melchor and 
M. Barrier, elected for three yeai-s. 

Iti'vs. Jr. A. Linn and W. G. Uarter, Messrs. J. Shimpoch and C. A. 
Ueilig, elected for two yeais. 

Revs. Scherer and L. C. Groscclose, Messrs. D. Barrier and C. L. 
Partee, elected for one year. 

The question for the transfer of the Centenary fund, to the endowment 
fund of Western Carolina Academy, was introduced ; — in relation to 
which the following prt amble and resolution was adopted : 

Whereas^ This Synod is now in possession of a fund, — entitled 



the " Centenary Fund "—the interest of which hns heretofore been ap- 
plied to the use and benelit of the Education and Missionary Society, 

Besoh'cd, XVII. Tliat the interest now due on s:iid fund, be added 
to the principal ; that to tliis princip-d and interest be added asuilicient 
sum to swell the whole amount to ^lOOO, and that said $000 be, and is 
hereby transferred to ihc endowment funds of Western Carolina Acad- 
emy, located at Mt. Pleasant, Cabarrus county, N. C. And, that, in 
lieu of said amount of SCOO, this Synod shall be, and is hereby, enti- 
tled to three scholarships in said school— the receipt whereof shall be 
held by the President of this Synod and his succersor in office. 

On motion, the 8 h of June was appointed for the first meeting of 
the Board of Directors, elect, of ^^^•stern Carolina Academy,— to meet 
at Mt. Pleasant, Cabarrus county, at 10 o'clock A. M., for organization 
and the transaction of busim's?s. 

On motion, a committee of correspondence was appointed, whose 
duty it is to open a correspondence with sundry gentlemen, having ref- 
erence to the first Professorship of said Academy ; ; nd that the Presi- 
dent of Synod is, by this body, empowered to call a special meeting of 
Synod, if necessary. 

The following is the committee of correspondence : Revs. S. Roth- 
rock, J. D. Scheck,— and oil motion, the President of Synod, Rev. J. 

A. Linn, was added. An election for Delegates to Sister Synods was 
now held. 

To Sfjnod of South Carolina— Hqv. S. Rothrock, principal; Rev. 

B. Arey, alternate. 

To Synod of Western Virgina. — Rev. S. Scherer, principal ; Rev._L. 

C. Groseclo^^e, alternate. 

An election w\as also held for a Director of the Theological Semina- 
ry at Lexington, S. C. _, 

Rev. J. Linn was elected to that office for three J^^^'V^HMk 

Previous notice having been given that the attention on^Tnoawould, 
at some time during the present convention, be called to Sicti(>n 3, of 
Chapter 3, of our Constitution ; and also to Section 3, of Chapter 6, 
of the Formula of Discipline, these subjects were called up, discussed, 
and tlie following resolutions in relation to them, passed : 

Resolved^ XV lit. That we, as a Synod, disapprove and denounce the 
tlie practice, in ministers, of encouraging disaffected members of other's 

22 :^^NUTES of synod. 

charges, by^performing any acts, strictly ministerial, or by speaking 
prejudicially in relation to their pastoi*s. 

ResoJced^ XIX. That it is the decided opinion of this body, that 
the electors of any congi-egation within the bounds of this Synod, are 
the male membei-s. (See chap. 6, sec. 3, of Formula.) 

J^o. 11. Heport of Committee appointed hy the President^ 
for the tried of B. N. Ilopldns. 

We the undersigned, having been ofRcially appointed a committee, to meet 
on the 23d of July, 1852, in the Lutheran church at Concord, to investigate the 
charge of lewdness reported against B. N. Hopkins, by the council of St. Paul's 
church, Iredell county, N. C, did then and there meet, and after an impatial 
and faithful examination of the evidence in the case, and believing the charge 
sustained by the testimony ; therefore. 

Resolved, Unanimously by the committee, that B. N. Hopkins be, and he is 

hereby suspended from all clerical functions, until said suspension be reversed 

by the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of North Carolina. 

Adopted. W. G. HARTER, ) 

JOS. A. LINN, I Committee. 

In relation to the above report, it was 

Hesolved, XX. That the name of B. X. Hopkins be stricken from our 
clerical roll. 

The following were put into nomination as suitable places for our 
next Synodical convention : Bethel church, Stanly county ; Richland, 
Randolph county ; St. Enoch, Row^an county, and Sandy Creek, David- 
son county. Bethel having a majority of votes, it Avas determined that 
Bethel be the place for the next meeting of Synod. 

Resolved, XXI. That the President of Synod, express the thanks there- 
of to the good people of Newton for the kindness and hospitality extended 
to us .since our arrival in their midst ; and that we unite in invoking 
Heaven's richest blessing upon them. 

Rcs' ' ' XXII. That the Secretary have 1,000 copies of the min- 
utes pi ! • I ; 1 hat two copies be sent to each of those Synods with 
whom we are in regular correspondence, and one to each of the other 
Synods in the United States of America. 

Resolved, XXIII. That the Secretary of the Education and Mis- 
sionary Society prepare extracts of the proceedings of said Society, and 
that they be appended to the minutes of Synod. 

The minutes of to-dav Avere now read and confirmed. 



Jiesolved, XXIV. That wc now atljoiirn to meet at tlie timo and 
place above naratd. Closed witli }irayer by the President. 

L. C. GROSECLOSE, Secretary of Synod. 



April 29th, 1853, 7^ o'clock, V. M. 

The Ministerium met and was opened witli singing and prayer by the 
President. The journal and sketch of Rev. J. S. Ileilig, were handed 
m the by President, which, on motion, were received and read before the 

Resolved^ I. That we liave heard, with pleasure and satisfaction, the 
journal and lenorthy sketch of Rev. J. S. Ileilig. 

After a lengthy interview on Pastoral experience, and a friendly in- 
terchange of sentiments thereto appertaining, the Ministerium adjourn- 
ed, subject to the call of the President. 

J^ ■ 


Tuesday evening, 8 o'clock. 
The Ministerium was opened with prayer by Bro. Swicegood. The 
minutes were read and confirmed. 

Resolved, II. That we adjourn, subject to the call of the President 
Closed with prayer by Bro. Arey. 



Wednesday evening, 8 o'clock. 
The Ministerlum met and was opened with prayer by Bro. Dufford. 
The roll was called. The minutes of former session were read and 
confirmed. There being no further business before us, it was 
Resolved y III. That we adjourn. 
Closed with prayer and benediction by the President. 


.^^S^iSI^X^X^, — j^ 

resiknt's ^Icprl. 

Beloved Brethren — In the great providence of God, we have been 
conducted tlirough the vicisitudes of another Synodical year. Our 
lives have been spared; our comforts continued; our laboi-s we trust 
have been blest; the church has been preserved and blest. And it 
must be a reflection peculiaily gratifying to us, as well as a subject of 
devout thanksgiving to God, to know tliat He is in our midst; still 
causes the light of his countenance to shine upon us, and the church of 
our care has received, during the past year, continued evidences of Di- 
vine favor and protection amidst the trinls and difficulties to which she 
is exposed. Now we are again met in the sanctuary of God; we have 
sung his praise; liave recorded his mercies to us and to our people; we 
have supplicated his blessings upon us; and meditated upon his word; 
have congratulated each other with cheerful countenances, with friendly 
interchanges and affectionate hearts as brethren. 01 how great the 
Lord's loving kindness to us and to our Zion ! But we are met once 


moTo in Synodical convention for tlie purpose of transacting the reli- 
gious aflairs of the church of God in general. At the opening of thi» 
meeting, it was made my duty, according to the Constitution of our 
Synod, to lay before you an account of my oflielal transactions for th« 
year that is past, and such other matters as may bo of iutoreit to you 
4ind to the church at large. 

Very early alter the aiijournment of our last Synod, I rocoivcd a not* 
from the Rev. l\. N. Hopkins, (dated May 14th) requesting permission 
to resign St. Enoch's, St. Paul's and Newton congregations, which wa» 
granted, in view of his consent at last Synod to take charge of the nc\r 
pastorate which was then formed of several Lutheran churches in Guil- 
ford and liandolph counties, and according to our acknowlL-dgcd rule* 
in such cases — (See Constitution, chap. 3d, Sec. 8th and 9th.) 

Shortly afterwards I received a communiaition, (dated May 30th) 
from the council of St. Paul's Church, Iredell county, reporting c^-rtain 
facts which involved charges of immorality and impurity in relation t« 
Rev. B. N. Hopkins, vshich were Gdculat«»d to injure his ministerial 
character and influence. Accordingly, in compliance with Constitutional 
duty, and for the puqiose of vindicating his moral character if wrong- 
fully or falsely aspersed, I appointed a committee of ordained ministers, 
viz : Revs. W. G. Ilarter, J. A. Linn and S. Rothrock, to hold a proi)er 
investigation on Friday, the 23d of July, in the Luth< ran church at 
Concord. Due notices were given to the parties concerned, and the 
ministers generally were invited to attend. The cotnmittee and minis- 
ters generally met; the investigation wrus conducted by the committee; 
their proceedings and unanimous decision were reported to Rev. 1>. N. 
Hopkins, (who did not attend,) together with a summary of the testi- 
mony, which satistiod the Committee of the truth of the allegod charges, 
and which led them to pass upon him the sentence of suspension from 
all clerical functions. The committee is expected to report their pro- 
ceedings and decision in the case to the present meeting of Synod. 

On Wednesday the 21st of July, the convention which was resolved 
upon at our last Synod, met at Concord for the purpose of maturing a 
plan for the establishment of a Literary Institution in connection with this 
Synod ; an extract of the proceedings and a detail of the plan adopted, 
will be reported to you by the Si*eretary of the Hoard. A temporary 
Board of Directors was appointed, who met at Organ church, Dec. 2d, 
to determine the locality of thtt Institution according to the provLsioos 


of the adopted* plan. Mt. Pleasant, Cabarrus county, was chosen to be 
the segit of the Aifcdemj. Scholarships are now offered, and a consid- j 
erable number have been sold. j 

This then, is to be considered as the commencement of an Institu- . 
lion of learning in the Lutheran church in North Carolina — which has \ 
been so long and so earnestly desired. That the interests and prosperi- 
ty of the Lutheran, as well as of the Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist * 
and German Reform chruches in this State, requires such an Institution, 
can admit of no debate. That the community in general, as well as \ 
the church, are greatly benefitted by the encouragement of sound edu- 
cation and religion, the history of similar Institutions, long since estab- 
lished by other denominations and other States, bears ample testimony. 
Let us then urge forward the enterprise now in progress. Funds will 
be needed, and needed now. ' 

The expenditures at the first will necessarily be large and must 
continue to increase if only the providential claims for the education of 
the youth in the Lutheran church be at all responded to. We must 
move forward and our friends and patrons must enable the Synod to do 
it. God's blessing is in the work, as it will be on those who share its 
advancement. For the furtherance of this object, I would second the 
suggestions of the convention, and recommend to Synod the appoint- 
ment of special agents to obtain subscriptions and donations, as also for 
the disposal of scholarships, if necessary ; said subscriptions to be pay- 
able in three annual installments, from the time of subscribing, and to 
be added to the endowment fund of said school, and so also the dona- 
tions, if in available funds, or whenever they become such. 

The Brethren in their several charges appear to be zealously engaged 
in the work of the Lord. They are taking an active part in the vari- 
ous benevolent Institutions of the day, and the Lord has granted them 
a blessing on their efforts, inasmuch as they have had interesting revi- 
vals of religion in some of their churches. May the Great Head of the 
church continue to bless them. 

With regard to the licensure of candidates for the ministry in our 
Synod, I would recommend the ancient custom of annual license, 
whether the cause of Christ, the church, or the candidate be consider- 
ed ; and that section 7th in chapter 11th, which was adopted last year 
be stricken out; and that section 7th, chapter 11th, as found in the 
prinfofl r'M-.ctltutlon of 1846, be re-instated. And also that the phrase. 

president's keport. 

•*And his license shall be regarded as vahd," iu sectlau 14tt, of chapter 
3rd, be stricken out. 

For th^ regulation and goveruuunt of Lutheran conjrregations in 
connection >f ith the Synod, the election of, the calling and set- 
Uincr of Pastors, ic, I would suggest to Synod the propriety of recom- 
mending and enjoining the adoption of the Formula of church govern- 
ment and discipline which is appended to our Hymn Hook, in all those 
congregations in which this or some similar form has not been adopted. 

There aretheprinieipalevent.of importance to thisSynodwhichlhave 

. report. And now Ulovod l)r.thrcn, commending ourselves and tho 
interests of the church to the continual care and protection of Almighty 
God I resign mv office ; thankful for the confidence reposed in me, and 
prayin.^ the presence and blessings of the Great Head of the ch^^ch, to 
crcwn^our present meeting. May the business for which we have met 
be transacted in mutual love, harmony and peace, that our souls may 
indeed be refreshed by his presence, that his blessings may rest upon 
our individual and united deliberations and eftbrts, to promote the glory 
of his name and the welfare of Zion. 

WILLIAM AKTZ, President. 



-aL3R3Rssi!«"3E>xa£:. — :o 




JEoan. Luih. Synod of North Carolina. 

Pursuant to adjournrnent the Missionary and Education Society met 
on Monday, 2 o'clock, P. M., at Newton, Catawba county, N. C. The 
object of the Society having been explained many became members by 
the payment of fifty cents. 

The Society next proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing 
year, which resulted as follows : 

Pwev. JACOB CRIM, President. 

" J. D. SCIIECK, Vice President, 

" J. S. IIEILIG, Secretary. 
Mr. D. M. ISENnOUR, Treasurer, 


Executive Committee. — Revs. L. C. Groseclose, J. A. Linn, J. D. 
Scheck, J. Swicegood, W. Ailz. 

Board of Directors. — Messrs. Jonas Bost, J. Sharp, M. Barrier, A 


Blackwcldor, J. Swicogood, G. Sink, J. M. Bost, II. Barringer, G. IL 
Wilfong, A. Gross, Rev. S. Scherer and Mr. John Wilfong. 
Contributions for the Society were now banded in as follows: 

Ecu. L. C. Groacduic' . 


Pilgrim's church 


Frederictowu " 




fiaudy creek " 



Rev. W. O. Ilarter's charge. 

St. James' church t5,00 

Bethel " 5,61 

Centenary Interest 1,20 

R^v. W. G. Ilartcr 1,00 

Rev. J. Crimes charge $9,55} 

Carver's church, by J. Swicegood 6,00 

Collection at this meeting 29,10 

Donation by Bro. J. Crim 5,00 

On motion it wa.«, 

Resolved^ That a commiltee be appointed whose duty it shall be to 
examine the Treasurer's Report, take in all monies intended for this So- 
ciety, pay the same to the Treasurer ikct, and take his bond. 
Committee — Rev. S. Scherer, and M. Barrier, E-q. 
Rev. J. Crim now gave a stattincnt of his mis.sionary labors, and pro- 
lented the contribution lifted in behalf of this Society. When ou nio- 
ion it was 
Resolved, That the Treasurer be authorized to return the contribu- 
on?, sent up by liro. Crim's charge, to him as a compensation for hi* 
«issionary labors. 
By-laws of the Executive Committee were now presented and received, 
>d on motion it was 
Resolved^ That they be appended to the minutes of the Society. 

Report of tJcc Executive Committee. 

JThe Executive Committee of the Mistionary and Education Society beg leaT* 


to report that they received, on the bounty of the Society, Mr. Charles W. Kes- 
ler, who was examined according to the Constitution, and your committee being 
satisfied of his qualifications, allowed him $75,00 of its funds to be paid in semi- 
annual installments. 

Your committee also made an appropriation of $30,00 to Rev. J. Swicegood, 
provided he took charge of Carver's church, Forsyth county. Your committee 
would recommend that Bro. Swicegood receive said amount inasmuch as he has 
complied with the engagement. 

No regular missionary was employed durin* the past year. 

Respectfully submitted, J. D. SCHECK, 

The committee appointed to audit the Treesurer's report, would submit the 
following: They have examined said report and found it correct. The amount 

in hands being $106 58 

Contributions at this Synod 73 11 

Beneficiary notes .-----• 679 17 

Total, $858 86 
For which we have taken the Treasurer's bond. 
Respectfully submitted, S. SCHERER, 

On motion the following resolutions were adopted. 
Resolved^ Tliat tlie Treasurer be authorized to pay Rev. J. Swicegooc 
twenty dollars, in compliance with the recommendation of the Ex 

Resolved^ That the Treasurer of this Society be, and he is hereb 
authorized to refund to Paul A. Seaford, Esq., the sum of thirty-fiv. 
dollars paid out by him in a law suit with John N. Krimminger. 

Rev. S. Scherer was appointed to preach the Missionary sermon at ou 
next meeting, and Rev. J. S. Heilig, his alternate. 
The Minutes being read and confirmed, it was 
Resolved^ That we now adjourn to convene again on Monday, at 
o'clock, P. M., at the place of the next meeting of Synod. 
Closed with a benediction. 

JOHN S. IIEILIG, Secretary. 




OF Tin: 


FVAJ^. LVTIL ^Y2sm) OF K. C. 

Art. I. The chairman appointed l>y tlicPrcsident of the Society sliall 
preside at all the meetings of the Committee, and open and close each 
meeting with prayer. 

Art. II. The Committee shall elect a Secretary at their first meeting 
whose duty it shaD be to keep a faithful record of all the proc^?edings 
of the Committee during the year, and present the same in a report to 
the anttukl meeting of the Parent Missionary and Education Soci-.-ty. 

Art. III. In the absence of the Chairman, the Secretary shall take 
bis place, and appoint a Secretar}- ino km. 

Art. IV. No business can be transact. -d by a loss number than three, 
who shall constitute a quorum. 

Art. V. No person can be a member of the Executive Committee 
who is not a member of |||j!Evan. Lutheran church. 

Art. VI. If the President or any other officer, during the interim of 
this society, shall incur the censtre of the Synod, congregation or society 
to which he belonged, his office shall be supplied irccted in other 
cases of removal. (See Art. 23. of its constitution.) 




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